25 Most Expensive Cities In The United States

City life in the United States can be expensive. Premium rent, parking fees, taxes, all go towards making an urban lifestyle something that few can fully afford. However, some cities are more expensive than others…much more expensive. Compiled by Expatistan, this list may surprise you a bit. Although it includes many of the places you would probably have guessed, there are some that may leave you scratching your head. These are the 25 most expensive cities in the United States.


San Jose, California

San Jose, CaliforniaSource: wikipedia, expatistan, Image: wikipedia

Apartments will go for around $1,500 and dinner for you and your significant other can push $40.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, MinnesotaSource: wikipedia, expatistan, Image: wikipedia

Probably not the first place you would think of when considering expensive living standards, Minneapolis isn’t at the top of the list but it’s still a bit on the pricey side.


Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, TennesseeSource: wikipedia, expatistan, Image: wikipedia

Your rent can top $1,800 in some parts of the city.


Tampa, Florida

Tampa, FloridaSource: wikipedia, expatistan, Image: wikipedia

You have to pay for the sun, although Tampa is roughly 30% cheaper than the notoriously expensive San Francisco.


Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, MichiganSource: wikipedia, expatistan, Image: wikipedia

It may seem strange to include a struggling city like Detroit here, but according to indexes, monthly rent in a good area of town can run above $1,200.

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