25 Most Famous Dogs in History

Who are the most famous dogs in history? Believe it or not, dogs can do more than laze about your house. Over the years, some dogs have become famous for heroic deeds, such as serving in the military, or bringing medicine in harsh weather conditions. Dogs have also acted in huge blockbuster movies, where they saved kids from kidnappers or leapt into burning buildings to find people trapped inside. Of course, not all famous dogs are real, but mere figments of someone’s imagination. Nevertheless, they still bring smiles to our faces. Whatever the case may be, some dogs have reached an incredible level of fame that some people could only dream of. Here are 25 Most Famous Dogs in History.


Jofi the Chow Chow

jofpicSource: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748703886904576031630124087362?ns=prod/accounts-wsj

A beloved pet of famous therapist Sigmund Freud, he used Jofi as a way to calm his patients who were anxious during the sessions. Jofi had a tranquil effect.


Laika The Space Dog

russianspacedogSource: https://www.thoughtco.com/laika-the-dog-1779334

Laika was the very first dog to travel into orbit on Sputnik 2. Sadly, the Russians had no plan to bring the ship back to Earth and Laika died in space. Alone.


Rin Tin Tin

rinpic1Source: https://www.canidae.com/blog/2012/08/the-true-story-of-rin-tin-tin/

Rin Tin Tin was a famous movie dog actor. He was discovered by Corporal Duncan in a kennel that was bombed during WWI. Corporal Duncan took Rin Tin Tin, and his family, home. Unfortunately, Rin was the only dog that survived and began starring in movies in the early 1920’s.


Chips the War Dog

chipspicSource: https://www.canidae.com/blog/2012/07/the-story-of-chips-war-dog/

Chips was a german shepherd mix whose owner donated him to the military during WWII. This heroic dog leapt over into enemy territory during a battle with the Italian army and attacked he shooters. He helped capture 10 enemy soldiers as a result.



cujpicSource: https://www.stephenking.com/library/movie/cujo.html

So, in our defense, we said the dogs on this list were famous, not dogs you would want as pets. Cujo was a fictional St. Bernard created by horror author Stephen King. A vicious and rabid dog who terrorized a mother and her young son, trapped in a car.

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