25 Most Heartwarming Stories About Pets That Are Truly Inspirational

The bond between a human and a pet is something truly unique.

But just how unique may come as a surprise to you. Pets have done some of the most remarkable things for their owners, and we’re not talking about doing tricks or playing games. We’re talking about things that made the difference between life and death.

You may find some of the stories on this list hard to believe. Nevertheless, we’ve done our research and we can tell you these stories are fact. 

So prepare to read some of the most heartwarming animal stories in the world. Which of these furry tales is your favorite? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube!

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Pudding the Cat


Amy Jung, a lifelong diabetic, almost lost her life. But thanks to “Pudding,” a 21-pound orange and white Tabby, she lives to tell this incredible tale. One fateful evening, Amy suffered a diabetic seizure while in her sleep.

Pudding, recognizing the danger, started to bite Amy’s nails until Amy woke long enough to call out to her son. Unfortunately, her son was fast asleep and did not hear her. So, Tabby went into the son’s room and started pouncing on his bed until he woke up and was able to get medical assistance.

Doctors agree that Pudding’s actions saved Amy’s life. Now, Pudding has been registered as a therapy cat and has been trained to sit at Jung’s feet and meow if her blood sugar drops.


Dory the Rabbit


We just talked about a cat who saved their owner from a diabetic episode. But “Pudding” the cat is not the only pet on this list to save their owner in this fashion. Meet Dory, a 21-pound rabbit that saved its owner from going into a diabetic coma.

Simon Steggall was watching TV when suddenly, he fell asleep. His wife thought he was just nodding off, but Dory the rabbit immediately jumped on Simon’s chest and started to thump furiously.

This caught the attention of his wife who immediately knew something was not right and called the paramedics. “I work for the ambulance service and I’m embarrassed that the rabbit spotted it before I did,” Mrs. Steggall said.


Honey the Cocker Spaniel


In a tragic and unfortunate event, Michael Bosch and his Cocker Spaniel “Honey,” found themselves in a flipped SUV that had rolled over into a deep ravine. Michael was pinned, but he managed to release Honey hoping that she would somehow find help. His hope was not in vain.

Honey was able to get the attention of a woman about half-a-mile away and brought her to the where Michael was located. Rescuers say that if it wasn’t for Honey, Michael would have died.


Kerry the Chestnut


It was a normal day at the farm for Fiona Boyd as she went about doing something fairly routine, to move a cow and its calf out of the paddock.

However, this day, this routine task was almost her last. Ignited by her calf’s cry, a mother cow got overly excited and managed to knock Fiona Boyd to the ground.

After repeated assaults from the infuriated cow, all seemed lost for Fiona. But in a miraculous moment, 15-year-old Kerry, a chestnut mare who was grazing nearby, started to repeatedly kick the cow giving enough cover for Fiona to escape.

Furthermore, after Fiona scrambled to safety, the mare stood by her, protecting her from any further attacks from the cow. If it wasn’t for this brave horse, Fiona might have gotten crushed.


Dog saves choking owner


Debbie Parkhurst was eating an apple at her home when suddenly, she found herself choking. She attempted to perform the Heimlich maneuver on herself but was not successful and was running out of time.

After beating on her chest she says Toby, her 2-year-old golden retriever, noticed and started to get involved. Toby pushed her to the ground, and when she was on her back Toby began jumping on her chest.

Toby succeeded in dislodging the apple! “The doctor said I probably wouldn’t be here without Toby,” said Parkhurst, “I keep looking at him and saying, ‘You’re amazing.”‘

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