25 Most Heartwarming Stories About Pets That Are Truly Inspirational

The bond between a human and a pet is something truly unique.

But just how unique may come as a surprise to you. Pets have done some of the most remarkable things for their owners, and we’re not talking about doing tricks or playing games. We’re talking about things that made the difference between life and death.

You may find some of the stories on this list hard to believe. Nevertheless, we’ve done our research and we can tell you these stories are fact. 

So prepare to read some of the most heartwarming animal stories in the world. Which of these furry tales is your favorite? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube!

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Pet Snake saves family


If you don’t like snakes, you might change your disposition after this incredible story. Yu Feng of Liaoning Province in China found a dying snake outside his home and decided to rehabilitate it.

After 20 days, the snake was well enough to be released into the wild, but when Yu tried to set it free, the snake kept coming back to him. So Yu named it “Long Long” and kept it as a pet.

One night, as Yu was sleeping he felt the snake on his face. Sleepy, he decided to go back to sleep, but the snake grabbed Yu’s clothes with its teeth and started whipping the bed with its tail.

After that didn’t work, the snake went to Yu’s mother’s bed and started to whip it with his tail. Finally waking, Yu noticed that his mother’s blanket had caught fire.

Yu stopped the fire and prevented a horrifying tragedy from taking place. Though local reptile experts say snakes simply don’t have the ability to behave in such a way, Yu insists the snake saved his life.


The Goat that saved and entire family


Nick Bruce wasn’t entirely excited at the idea of his daughter owning a goat. But all that changed two days after “Speedy” the goat came to live with Nick’s family.

One fateful Saturday, Nick’s daughter Abigail was sleeping in the living room with the goat when suddenly, the goat started jumping on her legs and chest.

“I was thinking what’s happening? And all I seen was smoke,” she told local WREG TV. A fire had started in the house‘s garage, and the goat was able to wake Abigail who in turn woke her parents.

“He knew what to do and everything,” Abigail told WREG TV. “I think he was special before we got him.”


Another Saving Goat


Speaking of a saving goat, there’s another goat worth mentioning on our list. While working at his farm, farmer Noel Osborne was accidentally knocked into a pile of manure from which he slipped and shattered his hip.

Without the ability to move and too far away for anyone to hear his cries for help, Noel was in serious danger. However, his goat Mandy went to him and stayed by his side for five days.

The goat nestled up against him and kept him warm through cold and rainy nights. The goat even allowed Noel to milk her for sustenance.


Lulu the Pig


After this heartwarming story, you might never see pigs the same way again. Lulu was a heroic pot-bellied pig who saved the life of a very lucky lady.

It was 1998, and JoAnn Altsman was alone in her home when she had a heart attack and fell to the ground.

In that instant, Lulu the pig forced its way through its enclosure and ran to the road where it proceeded to play dead. When a driver passed by to inspect the pig, Lulu led him to JoAnn.

The driver was able to call for help and JoAnn was rushed to the hospital. Doctors say that if 15 more minutes had passed, JoAnn would not have made it.


Christian the Lion

pexels-photo-730534http://www.kenyasafari.com/christian-the-lion.html; https://www.today.com/news/christian-lions-owners-recall-final-farewell-2D80555098

Ok, let’s start this story by saying a Lion is not a pet nor should it ever be. It’s a wild animal and should be respected and admired as such. With that said, there is one heartwarming story when a couple of guys bought a lion and raised it from infancy.

Christian the lion was a part of a litter that had been rejected by their mother in the Ilfracombe Zoo. In the hands of John Rendall and Ace Bourke, the little lion grew to the point that it became obvious the lion needed to be in his native environment.

So they took Christian to Kenya and set the lion free at the Kora Nature Reserve. After a year of being left in the reserves, John and Ace visited Christian.

Even after a year in the wild, Christian not only recognized his two owners but joyfully embraced them.

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