25 Most Horrible Ways To Die We All Want To Avoid

It’s a sad irony we enter the world one way but have plenty of doors to make our final exit. Death isn’t ever pleasant but some ways are certainly much worse than others.

If most people had to choose, we’d guess it would be to die in their old age surrounded by family. Unfortunately, we rarely get to choose and some deaths come thrusting upon us without notice and escape. But, of all the ways to die, which are the most horrific? Here are 25 most horrible ways to die we all want to avoid.

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skinnedSource: http://www.ranker.com/list/what-being-skinned-alive-feels-like/laura-allan

Being skinned alive has been around for a scary long amount of time. Since 800 BC, many ancient civilizations practiced it, including Greece, China, and the Aztecs. First, you’ll be tenderized before they filet large chunks of skin from your body. The pain obviously will be excruciating. Without your skin protecting it, your body will immediately be infected. You’ll get cold, numb, and your brain will do everything it can to make you feel better with endorphins. Eventually, you’ll go into shock and pass out before you die.



hangingSource: http://health.howstuffworks.com/diseases-conditions/death-dying/death-by-hanging1.htm

Death by hanging was a common type of capital punishment for quite a long time and still is in certain parts of the world. There are two ways it can kill you. The first is by decapitation in which the neck and spinal cord are broken. Dying that way is considered more humane than the second way. The second way is strangulation in which the neck doesn’t break but the airway is blocked. So, instead of dying instantly, it takes minutes of extreme pain due to lack of oxygen.



skydivingSource: http://nypost.com/2017/06/12/veteran-skydiver-dies-in-freak-accident/

Imagine jumping out of an airplane, falling 13,000 feet, and your parachute won’t open. The chances of you surviving this scenario are very slim. Adrenaline will kick in. Your heart will be slamming inside your chest like a ram. And you have to live with the sheer horror of watching as the ground grows with nothing to save you, waiting patiently for it to be over. The only silver lining is it’ll be quick and, hopefully, painless.



starvedSource: https://www.disabled-world.com/fitness/starving.php

Dying of starvation is a slow, agonizing process with several stages. Once your body has used up all your reserves of fat and muscle, then things start to get really serious. Starvation destroys your immune system which makes you susceptible to many diseases. Most people die of disease during starvation. If you don’t die of disease, eventually, your organs shut down and your heart gives out.



cancerSource: http://www.cancer.net/navigating-cancer-care/advanced-cancer/care-through-final-days

Terminal cancer is an evil that wreaks havoc all over your body. At the end of life, cancer can also cause a tremendous amount of pain. Usually, doctors provide medicine to remove or dull the pain but sometimes it’s not enough.

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