25 Most Insane Runways In The World

From the unending ice of Antarctica to the sandy beaches of Scotland, be glad you’re not landing at any of these airports. These are the 25 most insane runways in the world!

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Courchevel Airport (France)

runway facts

Found high in the French Alps this runway has been labeled the 7th most dangerous in the world. It’s even on an incline!


Kansai International Airport (Japan)

runway facts

Yes, all that blue stuff you see is water! This airport is actually an artificial island.


Matekane Air Strip (Lesotho)

runway facts

Often considered one of the scariest runways in the world, this one literally runs right off of a cliff


Princess Juliana International Airport (St. Maarten)

runway facts

It’s probably scarier being on the beach that it is in the airplane


Tenzing-Hillary Airport (Nepal)

runway facts

Although it is nearly 3,000 meters high, it’s only a few hundred meters long.

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