25 Most Populous Countries In The World

Although you probably already knew that China is the most populous country on Earth, the other population heavy weights may surprise you. These are the 25 most populous countries in the world.

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Burma/Myanmar (51 million)


Although an exact census is hard to take in this country considering that it has some of the worst infrastructure development on Earth, the latest statistics report a population of roughly 51 million.


South Africa (54 million)

South Africa

With 11 official languages South Africa is a diverse country with people from varied backgrounds and in spite of a rocky past it has managed to become Africa’s largest economy.


Italy (60 million)


With one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, Italy may not hold this spot for long.


United Kingdom (64 million)

United Kingdom

Largely as a result of empire, the UK has become a melting pot of cultures. Issues such as immigration have become important in recent years but this has remained a strong source of population growth.


Thailand (65 million)


As the only country in southeast Asia to have escaped colonial rule, Thailand has a long history of buddhism, monarchy, and military rule.

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