25 Most Ridiculous Things You Won’t Believe Are Banned In Schools

When you have kids from different cultures, home situations, parenting styles, and religions all crammed together for 6-8 hours a day, somebody’s going to be offended, and probably also hurt, and bullied, and maybe pregnant. It seems that schools try to combat this by banning things in an effort to keep some semblance of order. What does and does not get banned can get a little weird and is sometimes not well thought out, so here are 25 Most Ridiculous Things You Won’t Believe Are Banned In Schools.

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An elementary school in Menifee, Califnornia temporarily banned dictionaries (to be fair, Webster's Collegiate Dictionary) because a parent took issue with "explicit language." The dictionary was removed from a class with students at advanced reading levels, until no parents attended a board meeting to share concerns of, y'know, a dictionary. That parent had a really hard time when they realized their child could already read independently.

Meaning-Reference-Book-Learning-DictionarySource: http://mentalfloss.com/

Shirts that say or depict "evolution." Yeah. Smith Cotton HS in Missouri's marching band designed a tee shirt that said "Evolution of Brass" and a graphic illustrating it. Some parents - parents - threw a hissy fit, claiming that it supported Darwinsim and had to be banned. The school completely rolled over and capitulated to the adult tantrum, buying all $700 of shirts from the band to keep them out of the school. Gotta wonder what the science textbooks looked like there.

evolutionsilhouettesSource: http://scienceblogs.com


The words "Mom" and "Dad" were officially taken off of California school documentation and take home communication in 2007 so that same-sex couples and transgender persons wouldn't be offended. Apparently, the phrase, "Show your Mom and Dad," is offensive enough there need be a law. It's not so much that the words "parent or guardian" was used in place but that people were offended enough by the gloriously benign phrase "mom and dad" that there was a law made to *forbid* them.

momanddadareoffensiveSource: http://www.huffingtonpost.com Image Source: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

Some UK schools have banned teachers from using red ink to mark students incorrect answers because it is considered too upsetting for students; red is considered to be a "very negative color." The teachers now use emotionally neutral black or blue ink, and are "encouraged" to write several positive comments about *every* piece of work turned in. It's going to be fun when these kids leave school and have a boss...

beingwronghurtsmyfeelingsSource: http://time.com Image Source: https://www.pexels.com (public domain)


In 2009, the word "MEEP" (yes, like Beaker, from The Muppets) was banned in a Massachusetts High School. Apparently, entire classrooms were breaking out in cacophonous "Meeping," so the principle threatened to suspend any child caught saying MEEP.

BeakerSource: http://abcnews.go.com

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