25 Most Shocking Discoveries In The Last Year

Scientists have made some of the most shocking discoveries in the last year. Although constant updates from social media and the 24 hours news cycle can make us think the world is falling apart…it’s not. In fact, it’s more advanced, safe, wealthy, and peaceful than it has ever been in history. A lot of our present day comforts are the result of an ever increasing pace of technological advancement and scientific discoveries. These are the 25 Most Shocking Discoveries In The Last Year!

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Eternal Storage

dataSource: southampton.ac.uk

No, not for your clothes. For your data. As you may know, ink fades. Perhaps surprisingly, so does computer memory. After all, it’s just a bunch of electrical impulses being stored in various ways. Scientists at the University of Southampton, however, discovered a way to store data on a special type of glass. This technique would allow data to survive over 13 billion years…about the age of the Universe.


2016 HO3

asteroidSource: nasa.gov

2016 HO3 is the name of Earth’s second moon. That’s right! NASA discovered that Earth has 2 moons! Well, at least for now. 2016 HO3 is an asteroid that orbits the Earth at quite a distance and in roughly a century, it will probably leave the Earth’s orbit again.


Human Footprints

footprintsSource: forbes.com

Scientists discovered hundreds of human footprints in Tanzania at a site known as Engare Saro. The prints dated back about 20,000 years and showed groups of people jogging in the shadow of a volcano.


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Cloning & Long-Term Health Consequences

sheepSource: wired.co.uk

Dolly the sheep’s four clones (Debbie, Denise, Dianna and Daisy) appear to have aged quite well. In fact, while Dolly suffered from degenerative osteoarthritis, her clones were barely affected. They aged better than the original!



wheatSource: newscientist.com

Although GMO’s (genetically modified food) aren’t very popular in some circles, among scientists…they’re the solution. To what? The global population and food crisis. In fact, if it weren’t for GMO’s, the vast majority of the world’s population wouldn’t be alive. Superwheat is the latest addition to the club. It is much more efficient at photosynthesis than regular wheat and could potentially produce a much larger crop.

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