25 Most Terrifying Unsolved Murder Mysteries

Murders send a chill up our spines and force us to consider our own mortality especially when the murders look like these 25 most shocking murders ever committed. The only thing worse than a murder is an unsolved murder where the killer likely walks free and the family of the deceased has not been able to find closure. Despite DNA testing and advanced crime scene technologies, police still find it difficult to solve some cases, whether due to lack of evidence or lack of leads or other circumstances. The murders in this list remain unsolved mysteries to this day. From ex-lovers to coworkers to complete strangers, the suspects are varied and diverse. Make sure the lights are on when reading this list of the 25 most terrifying unsolved murder mysteries.


Camilla Lyman

Blarney_houseSource: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki, Image: Wikipedia

A story which could have been F. Scott Fitzgerald’s sequel to The Great Gatsby is that of Camilla Lyman. A well-known clumber spaniel breeder, Camilla was a rich recluse who underwent a physical transformation from woman to man from 1978 to 1985 and took on the name Cam. Cam met George O’Neil in 1981 and hired him as caretaker of his estate and dogs. When Cam failed to send his annual Christmas cards to family in 1987, they knew something was up. Police questioned O’Neil who said he hadn’t seen Cam since the summer, assuming he had gone to Europe to finish the gender reassignment surgery (though he gave no reason why he thought this). Eight years later, Cam was declared legally dead by his family; two years after that, the new estate owner found his body in a sewer. O’Neil was naturally the prime suspect but police could never link him to the death. He was, though, indicted for embezzling money which arrived in Cam’s name and keeping it. If O’Neil was the real killer, he recently (coldly) said, “She’s dead. I don’t know anything about it.”


Mario Amado

Playa_de_Los_MuertosSource: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki, Image: Wikipedia

Mario Amado thought he was taking a leisurely vacation to Rosarito Beach, Mexico, with his brother and their girlfriends. But their beach holiday took a turn for the worst. Arrested for fighting with his girlfriend, Mario was taken to prison where he was found hanging in his jail cell two hours after the arrest. The police officers were thought to have beaten Mario to death and tried to cover up it. After a second autopsy, evidence emerged that proved death by trauma. One officer, Jose Antonio Verduzco Flores, was arrested and sentenced to 8.5 years in prison, only four months of which he served. His sentence was soon overturned and the murder mystery remains unsolved.


Jamie Santos

Madison_police_with_stretcherSource: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki, Image: Wikipedia

The emergency line in Wheeling, Illinois, received a strange call on October 28, 1991. An unknown man called the emergency number, giving the address of an unconscious woman. Before the operator could get more information, he hung up the phone. Paramedics arrived on the scene to find exotic dancer Jamie Santos nearly dead in her home. Jamie appeared to have struggled with her killer and ultimately died from asphyxiation by pillow. (The previous day, Jamie cancelled various appointments, leading police to wonder whether she had expected something odd to happen.) Police believe a former customer may have killed Jamie, but with almost no evidence, the case never progressed.


Dick Hansen

cars on roadSource: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki, Image: Pixabay

Dick Hansen and his friend Jean were hanging out together before chatting in his car at the end of the night. A car pulled up and parked behind them on a street where only their two cars remained. As they left, Jean followed Dick as she wasn’t familiar with the area, soon getting the idea they were being following by the other car. Darting across a highway and trying desperately to lose their stalker, Jean and Dick exited the highway and parked their cars, behind which the car rolled up and parked behind them. Dick went to confront the man who mortally wounded him. Jean ran back to help Dick and barely caught a glimpse of the shooter as the car sped away. To this day, the murder has not been solved. Jean thinks, due to the man’s football-like build and her license plate reading “49R HUGS”, the killer may have been a fanatic of a rival team, though the ball still hasn’t been caught on Dick’s killer.


Arnold Archambeau and Ruby Bruguier

Runner_on_a_frozen_road_in_Fargo,_North_DakotaSource: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki, Image: Wikimedia

The mystery of Arnold Archambeau and Ruby Bruguier’s deaths has yet to be solved. While driving home after a night out drinking, Arnold crashed the car into a frozen ditch for unknown reasons. Arnold and Ruby were nowhere to be found when paramedics arrived, pulling Ruby’s cousin Tracy out of the car. Three months later, police found Ruby’s decomposed body in the ditch and soon after found Arnold’s less-decomposed body. No one knows what happened to the two but foul play has been assumed.

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