25 Most Unbelievably Evil Empires In History

Throughout history, human civilizations have come and gone. Some provided peace and prosperity, while others reigned down brutal and crushing tyranny. Whether lasting centuries or only a few years, these evil empires showed little mercy to their own people or their enemies. Their ruthlessness suppressed civil liberties, spread human suffering, and tragically lead to the deaths of millions. But who were the most nefarious civilizations? Here are the 25 Most Unbelievably Evil Empires In History.

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Comanche Empire

Comanche_warriorsSource: http://www.npr.org

The Comanche Empire was one of the largest Native American tribes in America. Their empire spanned most of the middle American plains, and they were known for their incredibly brutal raids…brutal raids that included the slaughter of children. It was because of their horrific reputation that the Spanish and the French rarely wanted to explore the territory. From 1868 to 1881, the systematic hunting of 31 million buffalo by American settlers caused the Comanche Empire to fall.


The Celts

Myths and LegendsSource: http://www.cracked.com

In the ancient world, the Celts ruled most of modern day France, Belgium, and England. Even Rome had a tremendously hard time conquering the Celts. Why? Because the Celts were incredibly fierce and also kinda crazy. In battle, they’d fight completely naked to show you they weren’t afraid to die, and if they won a battle, they’d cut off all the heads of their kills, take them home, and show them off like trophies.


The Viking Empire

OverseasSource: http://norse-mythology.org

Starting in 793 AD, the Viking Empire of the Scandinavian Peninsula started to pillage and plunder surrounding countries such as England, the Frankish Empire, Spain, and Russia. Their tactics were brutal; they’d raid unprotected villages, killing, raping, and stealing all goods before local defense units could stop them. As time went on, they became increasingly good at this and grew more brazen in their attempts to raid surrounding areas. It only lasted so long, however, and better defenses against their tactics made surprise raids more difficult. By 1066 AD, the Viking Empire lost steam when Norwegian King Harald Hardrada was defeated by the English at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.


Maori Civilization

MaoriSource: http://listverse.com

The Maori, the local tribe in New Zealand, were brutal warriors, cannibals, slave traders, and hunters. Their reputation was so fierce that even British Colonists, who were also quite brutal as we’ll see later, didn’t like to go near them. When Colonist James Cook arrived, things were fine at first, but when one of his men, James Rowe, angered the Maori, they cannibalized him and his men. Once the Maori got a hold of muskets, things got even worse. Tribal warfare broke out and some 18,000 people were slaughtered. Warfare between the British and the Maori continued for years, increasing the horrific bloodshed until the Maori were essentially conquered.


Confederate States of America

battle flagSource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confederate_States_of_America

Starting in 1861, the Confederate States of America was a group of eleven states that broke off from the United States of America. While not technically recognized by foreign nations, the Confederacy had a president, a flag, printed their own money, and created a cultural identity that still lingers to the present day. However, they’re mostly known for the brutal practice of enslaving, beating, and raping millions of African Americans and their inhumane treatment of prisoners at Andersonville. Fortunately, their empire was short lived and ended in 1865.

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