25 Most Unstable Countries In The World

Published annually by the Fund for Peace, the Fragile States Index lists nations according to their level of stability. The nations on our list are dead last primarily due to weak and ineffective governments, civil wars, lack of public services, and failed economies. These are the 25 most unstable countries in the world.

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Burma/MyanmarSource: wikipedia

After emerging from decades of military rule, ethnic tensions in Burma flared up again in recent years. With a newly elected government the question remains as to whether the country will continue to progress or slide back into violence and turmoil.



LiberiaSource: wikipedia

Although it is Africa’s oldest republic, following a destructive civil war Liberia has today become one of the UN’s most expensive peace keeping operations.



EritreaSource: wikipedia

Violently gaining its independence in 1993, Eritrea has since fought several more wars both with Yemen and Ethiopia. Today, although there is peace, the country has a long road of recovery ahead of it.



UgandaSource: wikipedia

Since the 80s, Uganda has made significant strides to once again achieve internal peace and stability but the question remains as to whether the current government will be able to continue on an upward trajectory.



BurundiSource: wikipedia

Another extremely poor country, Burundi is struggling to free itself form a civil war that has lasted for over a decade.

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