25 Most Well-Traveled Peoples In The World

Humans have been on the move since the dawn of time. Now more than any time in history, it’s easy to travel – both in our own backyards and halfway across the planet. But, not every person is the same and some people like to travel more than others. Who do you think travels more? Indians or Colombians? Australians or Egyptians? The numbers might surprise you. In this list, we group people together by nationality to see who travels most often. A few general trends emerge: people from smaller countries are more likely to travel abroad than citizens of larger countries; more affluent countries tend to have populations which travel more frequently; and, maybe surprisingly, people from island countries are not more likely to travel abroad than they are to travel domestically. So, where do you think the most well traveled people come from? (Travel data is sourced from Timetric’s study on 2013 travel habits across the world. For a trip to count, it must include an overnight stop, but it could be leisure, business, or otherwise.) Do you consider yourself an avid traveler? Find out if your country made the cut in this list of the 25 Most Well-Traveled Peoples In The World

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seaview in bali indonesiaSource: Timetric & CIA World Factbook, Image: Pixabay

The archipelago of Indonesia starts off our list of the world’s most well-traveled people. Though they are the 25th most traveled nationality on the planet, Indonesians aren’t necessarily travelling the world. More than any other nationality on this list, Indonesians travel more within their country than abroad with only 0.03 outbound trips per domestic trip. Living in a country of 17,508 islands which is also one of 25 global biodiversity hotspots in the world, it’s not hard to see why Indonesians stay close to home.



bridge in leshan, chinaSource: Timetric, Image: Wikimedia

The Chinese are legendary travelers, whether it be Chinese traders who plied the seas in their junk boats or today’s 50-person strong tourist groups which show up and leave in a flash on their chartered tour buses. Despite the amount of Chinese tourists seen around the world, most journeys are domestic – 15 times more in fact. With mega-cities, ancient monuments, and almost every type of climate, who can blame them?



ponte estaiada sao paolo brazilSource: Timetric, Image: marcosuk via Flickr

Like the Indonesians and Chinese, Brazilians are much more likely to travel within their own country – 25 times in fact. Citizens of a BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) country, Brazil’s rapidly developing middle class are hungry to travel. Couple that with ever-more Brazilians going abroad to learn English and these people are major travelers. Despite its size and natural wonder, Brazil only brings in about as many international tourists as Argentina.



Dinant reflectedSource: Timetric, Image: Wikipedia

This fact may surprise you – for such a small country, Belgians are not one of the nationalities which travel the most. Relegated to #22, Belgians are, though, much more likely to visit foreign countries rather than travelling in their own, a trait common to smaller nations. (They’re three times more likely as the average Belgian takes 0.9 outbound and 0.3 domestic trips each year.)


Saudi Arabia

saudi-arabia-mosqueSource: Timetric, Image: Pixabay

Despite the high disposable incomes of many Saudis, they aren’t the biggest travelers on our list. On average, each Saudi citizen takes just under one domestic and international trip annually. Despite being largely barren desert and wastelands, Saudi Arabia has made use of its oil wealth to build vast cities, including the two holiest spots in Islam – Mecca and Medina.

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