25 Necessary Products Everyone Needs

Looking for creative ways to solve those day to day, first-world problems? Look no further! Today, we have compiled a list of 25 products you need in your life. From a keychain that holds a USB cable and a run-away alarm clock to a hoodie you can carry your small pet around in and jellyfish-shaped air plants, here are 25 Necessary Products Everyone Needs.


Kangaroo Pouch Hoodie

cat hoodieAmazon

Looking for a way to socialize your small pet, cuddle, and be hands free all at the same time? This hoodie is a necessary for your wardrobe then! Its adorable cat ears and paw print embellishments make this sweater cute as is, but we’re sure it’s even cuter with your precious pet. It even comes in an assortment of colors.



smithsonian planetariumAmazon

In love with the stars? Then this is for sure a must-have for you. Made by Smithsonian, this projector turns any room into your own personal planetarium, complete with high definition images of planets, nebulae, asteroids, moons, and many other discoveries in space. This “toy” is even a 2018 Toy of the Year finalist.


Outdoor Cocktail Glasses

beach cocktail glassesAmazon

Do you have a romantic picnic or beach trip coming up? Drop what you’re doing, and check these out! These wine and cocktail glasses have stems that stick in the ground, making them great for sippin’ while you enjoy time in the cool grass or on the sizzlin’ beach. They’re also made out of plastic, so you don’t have to worry about them shattering into a million pieces.

Did we mention they float?


Fruit & Veggie Huggers

fruit and veggie huggerAmazon

Most of us don’t intentionally let our fruits and veggies go bad. The truth is that many fruits and veggies just go bad so quickly, especially if we’ve already cut into some of it. With these innovative fruit and veggie huggers, you can rest assured that you can eat or use just a portion and put the rest away for a few days later! Plus, they’re quite cute in an “I’m a kitchen appliance nerd” kind of way.


…and if you’re wondering what you can use these saved fruits and veggies for, check out our list of 25 Recipes That You Can Make Using Fruits And Veggies From Your Garden.



auto dog mugAmazon

Here’s another much needed product for animal lovers! Instead of carrying around a bowl and hoping to find some water for your thirsty pooch, you can conveniently carry everything you need at the same time. This AutoDogMug is a water bottle with a built in bowl at the top so your best friend can grab a drink anytime it needs!

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