25 Nefarious And Dark Facts About Popular Tourist Locations

If you’re a tourist, then you know the first thing you do when you go somewhere is try to learn about it. You try to learn about the people, the culture, what there is to do, how the locals live, where they eat, sleep, and play. Right? That’s the first thing on your list, no? Well, for some of you, we know that you definitely don’t do this. Your approach is probably a bit more along the lines of, “I’ll show up and see what happens.” While that’s all fine and good, the only problem is that sometimes you can end up walking into a bit of a pickle. Especially if the tourist locations you’re going has some hard to spot little secrets.

“Like what?” you ask. Well, take the pyramids at Giza for example. If you go visit Egypt, and somebody comes up to you offering to take you out to the pyramids on a camel, who wouldn’t say yes? You get to see the pyramids, and you get to ride a camel, right? Oh, and it’s only $15? That’s awesome! Well, did anybody tell you that getting off the camel would cost you $200? Or did anybody tell you that once you’re out there in the desert, you’ll have to pay more to come back? Read on so that you’re not a naive traveler because these are 25 Nefarious And Dark Facts About Popular Tourist Locations!

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Everywhere on Earth

childrenImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

For this first one, we want to make a public service announcement to the westerners here. When you go to any tourist attraction in the world and see disabled beggars, child beggars, blind beggars, old lady beggars….stop. Think very carefully before giving anything to them. Quite often there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Those beggars are put in that position by gangs who collect the money they make. Giving that child a few coins only encourages even more children to be abducted/trafficked and very possibly deliberately disabled (eyes gouged out, etc).

Note: Yes, Slumdog Millionaire is based on very real and very sad truths.


The Louvre, Paris

The Louvre, ParisImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

A lot of the art in this museum was stolen from countries that were invaded by Napoleon.



CasinosImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Not everyone has a fun time gambling, and more people than may you realize actually commit suicide at these establishments. Many casinos have suicide teams that are tasked with getting bodies out without the public seeing them and then cleaning up the mess.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab EmiratesImage: wikipedia, Source: spiegel.de

On the surface, it’s a bright and shiny modern city, but beneath the surface, there’s a lot of shady stuff in the works. For one, the city was (and still is) basically built using cheap slave labor from Asia.

Note: While this is coming to international attention more and more, there are still many tourists who do not know about this.



BhutanImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

One of the happiest countries in the world has a recent history (80’s and 90’s) that is mired by kicking about 20% of its population (ethnic Nepalis). Although this has led to international condemnation, many tourists don’t realize the dark side of Bhutan’s recent political and social situation.

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