25 Nightmare Boss Stories You Can Relate To

We all have our own nightmare boss stories. Which, frankly, is sad, considering management can make or break a company. Love them or hate them, management is a crucial part of any company. They ensure things are running smoothly and help the company grow. At least, that’s what they should be doing. Bad managers tend to have big egos. They’re abusive, manipulative, incompetent, and focus more on themselves than others. Nightmare bosses, on the other hand, take this to a whole new level, treating their employees like animals and committing borderline illegal behavior. In short, they induce life-altering levels of stress. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of these appalling stories. So, we ask you, can you top any of these 25 Nightmare Boss Stories?

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Affair cover up

man and woman kissing on deskSource: https://slate.com/

One assistant was put in charge of constantly covering up the boss’s affairs with two different women. She’d have to go and pick up extravagant gifts and send flowers along with book hotel rooms. He was even known to entertain these women at the office. The wife was never to know.


No smiling allowed

smiling man

One employee was called into the boss’s office because he smiled too much. His boss said that he just couldn’t trust anyone who was always happy. The employee just smiled at him and left.


Pushed to steal

stealing computerSource: https://www.payscale.com/

One federal employee had a boss who encouraged him to help steal a computer for his daughter to take to college so he could save the money. When the employee refused, he was fired. Even though the employee filed a complaint and it was later found that the boss was indeed stealing things, he wasn’t fired because they didn’t want to ruin is 25 year career.


Monster boss

monster energy drinksSource: https://www.themuse.com/

One manager kept her team going through all the stress of the job by supplying them with Monster Energy drinks. When one employee politely declined, he was “strongly encouraged” to go get one. Once he did, he left it sitting unopened on his desk. When the manager saw it, he was called into the office and told his “lack of energy was extremely distracting.” He ended up being temporarily fired and rehired for a different department. His boss was fired for illegal stimulant use.


Wedding crasher

upset brideSource: https://slate.com/

One executive assistant had her boss show up to her wedding to ask her a question only she could answer. He was escorted out by police when he refused to leave. She quit before she left on her honeymoon.

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