25 Noticeable Differences Between Men And Women

In the somewhat overly political-correct age and society in which we live today, it is dangerous for anyone to make statements that imply how people are different from each other even though we are all equal in our rights and freedoms, or at least should be in a perfect world.

One such case is when it comes to gender and the obvious differences between men and women that some people usually ignore for whatever reason. After taking into account various scientific studies and characteristics of the two sexes, we present 25 differences between the sexes that are very real no matter how hard one tries to ignore them or pretend they don’t exist.

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Brain Wiring


Men and women’s brains are literally wired differently. Studies show that the male brain’s connections run between the front and the back of the same side of the brain, whereas in women, the connections run from side to side between the left and right hemisphere of the brain.



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Female lung capacity is about 30 percent less than in males



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A recent study has been undertaken by MIT to examine whether or not sex differences play a part in leadership qualities and taking a leadership role. Until recently, men have held the majority of leadership positions and have been stereotyped as more effective leaders.


Gray Matter and White Matter

Fast thinking

The male brain contains more gray matter whereas the female brain contains more white matter. White matter basically increases the speed of transmission of all nerve signals, which ultimately allows women to process thoughts more rapidly than their male counterparts.



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Various studies show that during a time of extreme stress or in a crisis, women tend to react with reference to their feelings, while men tend not to react with logic and deductive reasoning.

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