25 Odd Things That Will Make You More Uncomfortable Than They Should

Some things are weird, some things are odd, some things are plain downright creepy. There are plenty of other lists like this on the internet, but they’re mostly copies of each other. We’ve searched high and low to find fresh pictures which, while not being necessarily wrong, give you a strange itch in your skin and makes you feel funny. Read on to see our top 25 odd things that will make you feel more uncomfortable than they should.

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A cat with ocular prosthesis

25 - Ocular Prosthesis

A cigarette ad targeted towards children

24 - Child cigarette ad


A foetus bar of hand soap

23 - Foetus Soap

A reborn doll - so accurate it's creepy

22 - Reborn Doll


The newest style in eyelash design

21 - Long eyelashes

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