25 Of The Bloodiest And Most Disastrous Massacres In United States History

Whether it involves already surrendered soldiers or unarmed civilians, you are about to experience 25 of the bloodiest and most disastrous Massacres in United States history.

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Chinese Massacre

Slide21Chinese Massacre

This racially motivated riot started on October 4 1871 when a mob began attacking residents of Chinatown in Los Angeles. 18 people died.


Lattimer Massacre


On September 10, 1897 a sheriff shot 19 unarmed miners at the Lattimer Mine in Pennsylvania. It’s known as one of the most significant events in the history of United Mine Workers (UMW).


Haun’s Mill Massacre


The Haun’s Mill Massacre happened on October 30, 1838 after a militia unit attacked a Mormon settlement in Missouri. 19 people died.


Herrin Massacre


On June 21, 1922 union miners in Illinois brutally murdered 23 non-union miners and guards during a protest.


Hanapepe Massacre


Also known as the Battle of Hanapepe, on September 9, 1924 a strike led by Filipino sugar workers in Hawaii resulted in the deaths of 20 people.

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