25 Of The Largest Political Debates Throughout History

Has family ever told you there are three things you should never talk about in sensitive company – money, religion, and politics? Well, in this list, we’re throwing caution to the wind and hitting the politics angle, bringing out some of the largest political debates throughout history. Rather than just stating the debate, we provide pro and con arguments from each side of the debate so you can learn more about their differences.

Ever since the birth of government, politicians have been debating and deciding on these 25 issues. From eloquent Greek senators to plentiful European Parliamentarians, these issues have stirred controversy and divided countries, often becoming bipolar issues with only two sides which fight each other bitterly. Some of the political debates on this list are to be expected, such as the role and size of government or the extenuation of voting rights to the larger populace. Some may be a bit less expected, such as the age of consent and a curve ball in the shape of #20. Where do you stand? What issues are most important to you? Let us know as you read this list detailing 25 of the Largest Political Debates Throughout History.


Interracial Marriage

Wedding.smallgroup.interracialSource: Breakthrough Psychology, Image: Wikipedia

While it may seem interracial marriage is no longer an issue, some of the acrimonious racial debates and public opinions in the 2016 American election cycle prove it is still taboo for many people. Supporters of interracial marriage claim it gives a child the best of both genetic histories and increases cultural understanding, while opponents mostly contend the races should remain separate and children are actually more harmed as they are susceptible to diseases which affect both groups.


Religion in Politics

Protect_Your_Republic_Protest_(2007-04-14)Source: Vanderbilt University, Image: Wikipedia

Many countries around the world today, including France and Turkey, have been established on the basis of secularism – that is, the separation of church and state. Supporters of separation believe personal beliefs should not be involved in politics, and people should be allowed to practice as they wish, while opponents argue a state religion helps maintain a moral government and society and can help control radical groups such as the KKK.


Medical Marijuana

Amsterdam_rainbow_coffeeshopSource: ProCon, Image: Wikimedia

One of the biggest political debates at the moment in the United States is the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Though some states have legalized it recreationally, 23 states and the District of Columbia have already legalized it for medicinal purposes. Advocates of medical marijuana herald its use as a treatment for symptoms of multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, among others, while opponents claim it is a gateway drug and impairs fertility.


Drinking Age

alcohol bottles blurrySource: ProCon, Image: Pixabay

Most countries around the world peg the drinking age to 18 years old, younger in certain circumstances where beer or wine is consumed with a meal or under parental supervision. One country which doesn’t is the United States, but did you know the drinking age was only upped from 18 to 21 in the 1980’s? Advocates of a higher drinking age purport young people are not mature enough to drink responsibly until age 21 and that an older minimum age has decreased traffic deaths. Opponents of the 21 year old minimum drinking age argue it has not curbed teen drinking but instead led to more binge drinking in unsafe environments.



Abolition_of_Slavery_The_Glorious_1st_of_August_1838Source: Reference, Image: Wikipedia

One of the most contentious political debates on our list is slavery. While it has been reviled for decades, slavery still exists in some pockets of the world. The opposing sides of the debate generally revolve around the slave-owner (pro) and the slave (con). Advocates of slavery traditionally purport slaves are beneficial for the economy by providing a cheap labor force and that many are treated well. Detractors argue no human should be treated like an animal, and slaves are sometimes beaten nearly to death or beyond.

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