25 Most Insane Mansions In The World

As you might already know, the world’s richest people have money to spend on the most insane mansions in the world. Some people have more money* to spend than they know what to do with, and as a result, these extravagant homes are equipped with heated driveways, helipads, and $150,000 bath tubs. Not all of the mansions on our list, however, are there because of the price tag. In some cases, it’s their sheer size, while in others it’s their quirkiness. Whatever it may be though, from Beverly Hills to the French Riviera, these are 25 Most Insane Mansions In The World.

*Unless otherwise noted, all prices in US dollars.


Hearst Mansion

Hearst Mansion from the Airhttp://fortune.com/2016/09/07/hearst-mansion-sale-195-million/

Former home of William Hearst, and location of the famous horse head scene from Godfather, this mansion is on five acres and has sick structures, with the main mansion being a 50,000 sq ft masterpiece built in 1927 with 28 bedrooms and 38 bathrooms.

Pricetag: $195 million


Waterfall Bay Villa

Waterfall Bay Villa with Pool Terrace

The perfect mansion for a Thailand retreat, this 6 bedroom home has a theater, spa, and the typical swimming pool. The key that this home has to offer is the amazing views of Waterfall bay from the terrace.

Pricetag: $20 million


Dar al-Hajar

Dar al-Hajar from belowhttps://www.atlasobscura.com/places/dar-alhajar

Nicknamed the “Rock Palace” due the fact that it seems to grow out of the rock on which it was constructed, this mansion was built in the 1930’s to be the summer house of Imam Yahya, the Islamic leader of Yemen. It’s famous for its numerous secret passageways.

Price tag: N/A


41 Popcorn Lane

Popcorn Lane house across the waterhttps://www.cnbc.com/id/47682175

This Aspen mansion has all the staples of a luxury mansion with a 13,000 sq ft main house and a 4,000 sq ft caretaker’s house. The true luxury of this home is the location – the amazing Roaring Fork River runs right through the property – and the fact that you are in the heart of ski country.

Price tag: $39.5 million


Alan Jackson Estate

Former home of Alan Jackson from across the lawn

Singer Alan Jackson’s former house can be found in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. Sprawling over 135 acres it comes with a 20 car garage, a custom pub and game room, three ponds, a boat house, a barn with attached apartment, and of course a tennis and basketball court.

Price tag: $28 million

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