25 Of The Most Offensive Advertisements Ever Created

The explosive growth of companies throughout the world has turned the advertising field into quite the competitive landscape. From flat-out offensive to pure ridiculous, advertisements sometimes cross the line – and in big ways. With all the content produced, it seems some overly offensive ads (which should never have been made) somehow slipped through the cracks. In other cases, vintage ads which may have been accepted then easily violate our sensitivities these days. Find some of these here in our list of 25 of the most offensive advertisements ever created. We still can’t believe these ads ever existed!


Comparing Naomi Campbell to chocolate never ends well

cadbury naomi campbell adtheguardian.com

Because guys with afros can't be "civilized"?

nivea recivilize yourself adwww.businessinsider.com.au


Sound relationship advice

reebok girlfriend aderikanapoletano.com

It seems they've changed their advertising agency since then

van heusen adstyleite.com


Federici Ice Cream is definitely pushing the boundaries

federici gelato priest ad

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