25 Of The Most Popular Souvenirs From Around The World

When on travels, we usually want to get some little keepsakes that would remind us of the memories associated with the visited places once we are back home. We all want to be original and get something really special and unique, but in most cases, we end up buying the most typical and kitsch items in the tackiest souvenir shops. But on the other hand, if you don’t get the little Eiffel Tower keychain when in Paris, it is like you have never been there. To see 25 of the most typical (and sometimes incredibly kitsch) souvenirs from around the world, check out 25 Of The Most Popular Souvenirs From Around The World.


Mount Rushmore oil lamp, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore oil lampwww.pinterest.com

South Dakota is not among the major American tourist hotspots but they do have a landmark that is famous all over the world and they make sure you will remember it. Once you visit this state, don’t forget to get something with Mount Rushmore on it, for example this super useful oil lamp.


Sumo wrestler, Japan

Sumo wrestlericosnap.com

Japan is famous for many things but for some reason, it’s sumo, a competitive full-contact wrestling sport, which is among the most popular themed souvenirs tourists buy.


Dracula cup, Romania

Dracula cupwww.destination-romania.ro

If you say Romania, the first thing that may come to most people´s mind is vampire Dracula alias Vlad the Impaler. No wonder that all the local souvenir shops are literally packed with Dracula-themed items, such as these terrifying vampire cups.


Great Wall of China thermometer, China

Great Wall of China thermometerwww.greatwallforum.com

Kill two birds with one stone with this souvenir. Tell people of your traveling exploits while staying up to date as to the current temperature condition.


Pope bottle opener, Vatican

Pope bottle openerwww.flickr.com

We all know that Vatican City State is the seat of His Holiness and once you visit the world´s smallest independent state located within Rome, you will remember it for the rest of your life. The portraits of the Pope are everywhere. Even on the most mundane objects such as a bottle opener.

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