25 Of The Most Remote Places In The World

With our heavily overpopulated planet bursting at the seams with about 7.3 billion people, it seems almost impossible to find an isolated spot where you can get away from it all. Over the course of the past decades, humans have managed to take over a vast majority of what once used to be pristine natural beauty.

Sadly, this includes countless animal and plant species´ natural habitats. Nevertheless, if you are one of those who enjoy relaxing in undisturbed solitude, we have good news for you! As improbable as it may seem, humanity has not managed to spoil everything.

Places that are free from the destructive hands of man still exist (getting to these remote places, on the other hand, is not easy). To enjoy some of the most remote places in the world, you’ll have to venture away from the concentration of people and journey into unknown places–mountains, jungles and islands thousands of miles away from the hustle of busy metropolitan places and touristic attractions.

From a little Indian village surrounded by breathtaking, unspoiled nature and an Australian mining town hidden in a scorching desert to an isolated Arizonan village where mail is still delivered by a mule, these are 25 Of The Most Remote Places In The World.

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Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

VestmannaeyjarSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Found in the south coast of Iceland, the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago is a great example of a beautiful and remote place. Inhabited by 4,000 locals, this archipelago is every solitude seeker´s paradise.


La Rinconada, Peru

La RinconadaSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: it.wikipedia.org

Boasting the title of the highest elevation human habitation in the world, La Rinconada is a Peruvian city perched 5,100 m (more than 16,700 feet) above sea level. As this secluded city has no plumbing and no sanitation system, its 50,000 inhabitants have been struggling with environmental problems and pollution from nearby gold mines.


Medog County, China

Medog CountySource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Even China, the world´s most populous country, has some places where you hardly encounter any companions. Located in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, Medog County was the only Chinese county without road access until 2010. But even then, Medog with its just 10,000 inhabitants has remained a very deserted and secluded place.


Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Skeleton CoastSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean coast of Namibia, the Skeleton Coast is one of the most extreme, isolated, driest and scariest places. One of the very few indigenous tribes capable of living in this inhospitable land is the Himba people; semi-nomadic hunters and gatherers.


Cape York Peninsula, Australia

Cape York PeninsulaSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Found in the northern part of the Australian state of Queensland, the Cape York Peninsula is considered one of the last remaining wilderness areas on Earth. A natural habitat to numerous animal and plant species many of which are endemic to this unique region, the peninsula is also home to some 18,000 mostly aboriginal people.

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