25 Strangest Foods From Around The World

What do fried brains, puffin hearts, and drunken shrimp have in common? They are all considered delicacies somewhere in the world. While most people probably do not consider the contents of their cookbooks too strange, to a foreigner your lunch could be the equivalent of a nightmare. So, before we dive into our culinary tour of the some pretty strange food from around the world, you should ask yourself how much you really want to know about the eating habits of your fellow humans. Here are 25 Strangest Foods From Around The World.

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Fried Brain Sandwich


Largely a dish of the past, these used to be popular in the Central United States until mad cow disease became a concern. Although people still eat them, serving a cow’s brain that is over 30 months old is no longer legal in the United States.




Ant larvae harvested from the roots of the agave plant, these are considered to be a delicacy in Mexico. In fact, they are sometimes even referred to as “insect caviar.” They taste like slightly nutty butter.




Typically eaten in Iceland, this fermented basking shark is an acquired taste. Chef Anthony Bourdain described it as the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing he had ever eaten. We’ll take his word for it.


Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird's Nest Soup

For hundreds of years, the Chinese have used saliva nests in their cooking, primarily in this soup. While there are many varieties, bird’s nest soup as a whole is one of the most expensive foods on the planet. The red nest variety costs up to $10,000 dollars per bowl.


Drunken Shrimp

drunken shrimpweirdworm.com

A popular dish in parts of China, the shrimp are eaten alive but stunned in a strong liquor prior to consumption. It’s also popular in parts of the United States, but it includes an intermediary step known as “cooking.” There’s no “food delivery near me” for this.

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