25 Optical Illusions And Phenomena Only Seen In Nature

We’re all familiar with man-made optical illusions, but did you know that nature can actually produce optical illusions as well? For example, have you ever witnessed something that seemed a little bit off in nature?

Maybe something moving that shouldn’t be moving? Maybe a natural phenomenon resembling something completely out of place. From clouds and halos to auroras and mirages, these are 25 Optical Illusions And Phenomena Only Seen In Nature!

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Atlantic Road

Atlantic RoadSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Although this bridge in Norway looks like it is nothing more than a ramp leading to nowhere, seen from another angle you would see that the bridge actually curves back down to the other side.


Moon Illusion

Moon IllusionSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Have you ever noticed that when the moon is close to the horizon it appears to be humongous? Well next time that happens, make binoculars with your hands and isolate the moon in your field of vision. It shrinks!

Why is that? Because your brain adjusts the moon‘s size in relation to another object on the horizon and (mistakenly) decides that it should actually be much bigger!


Cloud shadows

Cloud shadowsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Looking like islands on an ocean, cloud shadows can make for an interesting effect, especially in low lighting conditions.


Atlas Moth

Atlas MothSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The Atlas Moth comes with two snakes on its wings for protection!


Dew on spider web

Dew on spider webSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Early in the morning spider webs can create some amazing “floating water” illusions.

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