25 Totally Unexpected Facts About Happiness

This list isn’t about being happier. Though the past 20 years have seen a huge push into happiness research, we’re taking a different direction. We’ve dug up some of the oddest and least expected facts about happiness out there. Shaman and healer methods aside (though we’ve heard they do great work), sit back and enjoy these 25 totally unexpected facts about happiness.

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Pretty Woman

25 - Pretty woman

In heterosexual marriages, a better looking woman means a happier marriage. It seems men care about looks in a marriage more than women as a marriage with a better looking man doesn’t necessarily mean a happier one.


Drinking makes you feel good

24 - Drinking

Anyone who has drank alcohol knows its feel-good effects. It’s recently been found heavy drinkers feel more drunk than moderate drinkers when the body releases those feel good chemicals, known as endorphins, in response to alcohol. But drinking lots of booze sometimes fails to release endorphins, so take it easy!


Disney romance

23 - mickey and minnie

Aside from being the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disney also brings some unlikely couples together. The voices of Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Wayne Allwine & Russi Taylor, married each other in real life, too.


Happiness is next to Godliness

22 - religion 2

People who go to church, mosque, temple, or other religious centers report greater happiness than those who don’t. There’s even a noticeable difference between going monthly and weekly.


Money buys happiness

21 - money

Didn’t expect to hear this one? Well, if you’re starving and sleeping in constant fear (think Syrian war refugees), there’s no way you can be as happy as others. We’re happier to go to bed each night with a full belly, among other things.

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