25 Phrases That You Might Be Saying Incorrectly

Phrases. We say them in everyday conversations in order to describe certain societal situations or make light of difficult explanations. However, their specificity sometimes suffer as improper use of the terminology is spread among the masses. Are you guilty of misquoting some of these common phrases? Whether it’s some fine point of grammar or just simple pronunciation, these are 25 phrases that you might be saying incorrectly.

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Wrong: case and point

exampleSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Right: Case in point

This is used to bring up an example that proves your argument.


Wrong: one in the same

twinsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Right: one and the same

This phrase is used to indicate that two things are exactly alike.


Wrong: nip it in the butt

start finishSource: wikipedia, Image: andrewhurley via flickr

Right: nip it in the bud

Nipping something in the bud means you’re ending it before it starts. Nipping something in the butt, well, that means something completely different.


Wrong: scotch-free

freeSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Right: scot-free

This means to get away without a deserved punishment.


Wrong: statue of limitations

statueSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Right: statute of limitations

It’s a statute, not a statue.

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