25 Profound Observations That Will Mess With Your Brain

If you stop for a second, you might start to have profound observations about everyday things. For example, you might start to notice how no one knows what it’s like to be a baby. You might also notice that at one point, you were the youngest person alive. It’s possible that you might even notice the fact that your dog could be smarter than you! Take the challenge. Stop for a second and check out these 25 profound observations that will mess with your brain.


Your car keys have traveled more than your car

keysSource: xshareddx via reddit

You think you're unique until you have to choose a username

loginSource: High_as_red via reddit


When Sweden is playing Denmark, it is SWE-DEN. The remaining letters, not used, is DEN-MARK.

denmark and swedenSource: vestergaard92 via reddit

Your dog understands at least a few human words. We don’t understand any dog barks. They might be smarter than us.

dogSource: RAYMOND_SCOTT via reddit


Earth could very well be like one of those uncontacted tribes in South America. The whole galaxy knows we’re here but they’ve agreed to leave us alone until we figure it out for ourselves.

starsSource: jimbojonesFA via reddit

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