25 Quotes To Get You Out Of A Speeding Ticket

So you were pulled over for going 55 mph in a 45 mph zone. You might have been running late, perhaps something came up, or maybe you just really wanted to get home. Luckily, you don’t have to resign yourself to accepting that ticket!

Years ago, my wife was pulled over by a police officer for speeding on a major highway near our home. She explained to the officer that she was running late for classes due to an accident and an hour-long commute to her school. When he asked which school she attended, she explained she was in her final year of law school and a ticket would cause problems with her application to practice law. She wasn’t crying or argumentative; she was calm and sincere.

She showed the officer her student ID and explained that if she were late to class, the professor wouldn’t allow her in. The officer let her go, warning her to try to stay closer to the speed limit the rest of her trip. We figured the officer was giving her an honest break.

Regardless of the reason, there are many different ways to smooth talk your way out of a weekend in a defensive driving course. For starters, try one of these 25 Quotes to Get You Out of a Speeding Ticket:

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“Can you believe that game last night?” Make small talk!

Football game

The more you make the officer think of you as a person and not a humdrum part of the workday, the more likely you are to drive away with just a warning.


“I just want to make this easy for both of us.”

Sheriff pulling driver over

You can score serious brownie points by having all of your information ready to hand to the officer, your engine off, your interior lights on, and your hands on the steering wheel when he arrives at your window.


“My wallet is in the console. Do you mind if I grab my license?”

Cop pulling over a civilian on a truck

You know you’re just getting your wallet, but the officer doesn’t. Make your intentions clear before you move to make the officer feel safe. An on-edge officer will be less forgiving when it comes ticket time.


“Would you consider letting me off with a warning?”

Cop issuing a speeding ticketImage via Flicker by woodleywonderworks CC 2.0

Seriously, just ask. Both of you know the officer wouldn’t have pulled you over if he thought you were under the limit. Just make sure you do it politely.


“Today just isn’t my day.”


This one requires props. Keep a box of office supplies in your passenger seat, and explain to the officer you were having trouble concentrating because you just got laid off. Don’t try this if you can’t act, though — if the officer doesn’t believe you, you’ll get no mercy for lying.

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