25 Real-Life Heroes We Want To Meet

In times of trouble, it’s nice to remember there are real-life heroes in the world. And, make no mistake, the world is a cruel and unforgiving place to live. So it’s reassuring to see when people do something kind or selfless for someone, especially when it’s not easy. For some of us, it takes a lot to help someone, but even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way. Then there are people who go above and beyond to help others, whether it be putting hours of effort and time to help the community, or even risking life and limb to save someone in peril. This is a list about those people. The people that make us believe there’s some good left in this world worth fighting for. So, here are 25 Real-Life Heroes We Want To Meet.


Isiah Francis & Jeremiah Grimes

1200px-Clandon_House_fireSource: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/florida-boys-rescue-toddlers-from-burning-home/

Ten-year-old Isiah Francis and 11-year-old Jeremiah Grimes rushed in to a neighbor’s home when it caught fire to rescue anyone they could. With the smoke in their eyes and the fire surrounding them they were scared, but they kept going. The two kids managed to save two of the four kids that were inside before the fire department arrived.

Isiah stated in an interview that he wants to be fireman when he grows up. Your on your way, Isiah.



evening joggerSource: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jogger-rescues-2-kids-from-massachusetts-reservoir/

A New York jogger going only by her first name of Rebecca managed to save two kids when their stroller rolled into the Brookline Reservoir. Being a former lifeguard, Rebecca wasted no time jumping in and pulling the kids to safety before they took to much water.

Thanks Rebecca, wherever you are.


Ina Koeing

inaSource: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2172000/Hero-teacher-jumps-80ft-save-boy-3-drowning-keeping-afloat-TWO-HOURS-nearly-dies-herself.html

Kindergarten teacher Ina Koeing jumped down a 75ft mine shaft that a student had just fallen down. The shaft dated back to the middle ages and had been flooded. Ina managed to keep her students head above water but she was struggling to stay afloat herself.

She waded in the near freezing water for two hours before they were rescued. Ina then refused interviews with the media saying, “I am not a hero. I did what any human being would do.”


Liang Lee

Bars_On_Window_(2587565461)Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2080016/incredible-moment-real-life-hero-scales-building-with-bare-bands-to-rescue-child-dangling-by-his-neck/

When Liang Lee saw a toddler dangling from a high rise apartment building in Liaocheng, China, he wasted no time in climbing up the building to save the child. The child had gotten his head caught between the bars of a window cage and was barely moving when Liang got to him.

Bystanders called emergency services as they watched on, eventually a man from a lock company arrived and opened the door of the child’s home. Liang and the locksmith safely got the child back into the third floor room.


Chris Pollack

dark guardianSource: https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/new-york/articles/the-real-life-superheroes-defending-new-york-citys-streets/

Not all heroes look like superheroes, but this one does.

32 year old Staten Island native Chris Pollak has operated as the vigilante “Dark Guardian” in New York for nearly 15 years. For these past 15 years, Chris has hunted and taken down drug gangs throughout New York.

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