25 Real Life Treasure Hunts

Do you want to go looking for buried treasure? I’m not talking about treasure hunts that we see in movies. And, no, I’m not talking about those fake maps that we may have used when we were kids. I’m talking about real buried treasure. From ancient artifacts that have been symbols of peace during a war to great big ships filled with gold, silver, diamonds, and other mouth-watering gems, these treasure hunts are legit. Many men have tried and failed looking for this buried treasure. There are those who came close and one man in particular actually found five-hundred million worth of treasure in the United States. Don’t believe us? You can read about him and many other brave fortune hunters as we present to you 25 Real Life Treasure Hunts.


Mosby's Treasure


In 1863, during the American Civil War, Confederate Colonel William Mosby and his Mosby Raiders took General Stoughton and other Union soldiers prisoner. During this time, the soldiers took over three-hundred thousand dollars worth of gold, silver, and heirlooms. When the raiders were almost captured Mosby buried the treasure between two pine trees. When he sent some of his soldiers to retrieve the treasure, they were captured and Mosby never went to get the treasure.


Treasure of Butch Cassidy


While Butch Cassidy and his gang, The Wild Bunch, was being hunted by the law, they buried $20,000 somewhere in the Irish Canyon.


63 Million Hidden in Bedford County


The story goes that in 1816, while mining, Thomas Beale and some fellow workers found a huge amount of gold and silver worth a total of $63,000,000. All of the men decided that if they should die that their next of kin should get the money, so Thomas Beale created 3 ciphers. The first cipher said where the treasure was buried. The second cipher said what the treasure was, and the 3rd cipher was a list of all the men and their next of kin. Beale then gave the ciphers in a box to a Robert Morris with instructions to wait 10 years before opening the box, and if Beale didn’t return for the box, then a way to figure out the cipher would be mailed to him. That way never came and Morris was only able to figure out the second cipher.


The Treasure of San Miguel


Spain was not doing well financially in the 18th century because of the war of Succession. The Spanish sent ships filled with gold, diamonds, pearls, etc… to help solve the problem. During the voyage there was a hurricane and a lot of the ships were lost. Some of the ships have been recovered but a lot are still missing.


The Buried Treasure of Dillinger


John Dillinger was a famous bank robber in the early 20th Century. After an escaped stand off with the FBI, Dillinger buried $200,000 dollars in a wooded area in Wisconsin.

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