25 Reasons Humans Will Be Extinct In 1000 Years

Have you ever wondered how long humans will last on Earth? Or whether humans will ever go extinct? Well, there are a lot of different ways these questions can be answered, but today we are going to look at a few things that could affect humanity’s long term prospects. These are 25 Reasons Humans Will Be Extinct In 1000 Years.

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This has been claimed before numerous times. Prior to the industrial revolution, the question of how we could support so many people was a not-so-trivial question. Of course, railroads, steam engines, and massive farms came to the rescue just in time, but will our luck hold out for 10 more centuries?


Nuclear Armageddon

nuclear bomb

Okay, so this is low hanging fruit, but really…all it takes is one push of a button. Can humanity really have that much self control for so long?

Note: this will become progressively more complicated as more countries acquire nuclear warheads.


Antibiotic Resistance


Although scientists in the US recently managed to develop some super antibiotics, we are quickly approaching a time when all of our current antibiotics will be useless against evolved microbes. This could potentially take us back to a time when paper cuts could kill you (depending on the success of those new antibiotics).


Gamma Ray Bursts


It’s unlikely, but possible that a high energy explosion in a distant galaxy (supernova) could have long lasting implications on our planet. Would it happen in the next thousand years? Probably not, but we want to be thorough with our analysis.


Magnetic Pole Reversal

magnetic field

Earth’s magnetic poles have shifted numerous times before in history, and some theorists have posited that this could affect our civilization. Depending on how you look at it, we would be due for a reversal some time in the near future (relatively speaking), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Many other scientists have countered that geomagnetic reversals haven’t led to extinctions in the past, so how can we predict their effect in the future?

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