25 Reasons We Need to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons

The idea of getting rid of nuclear weapons can be a sensitive topic. We get that. Many feel they’re a necessity, but usually, those feelings are driven by fear. In reality, nuclear weapons have more cons than pros. For instance, they potentially could cause the deaths of millions of innocent people, are harmful to the environment, and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Instead, we could use that money for more useful things, such as fighting poverty and making sure the world is a vibrant place for our children and grandchildren. Here are 25 Reasons We Need to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons.

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Nukes are difficult to control


Not only are they difficult to control but they’re imperfect. Imperfection and weapons of mass destruction are a deadly combo. There have already been several accidents involving nuclear weapons. For example, in November of 1950 in Quebec, Canada, A B-50 plane ejected a Mark 4 bomb, about 300 miles northeast of Montreal. In 1956, in Great Britain, a B-47 bomber crashed into a weapons facility.


It costs too much money


To look at the cost of one nuclear weapon, one would have to look at the factors that go into making one. North Korea has been reported to spend over 3 billion dollars and it’s been reported that leader Kim Jong Un has 60 nuclear weapons. According to the book Atomic Audit by Stephen Schwarts, the U.S. has spent a total of 5 trillion dollars since 1941 on nuclear weapons.


Nukes cause too many casualties


On top of the intended target, a nuclear weapon can take out plenty of innocent victims as well. According to one study, the U.S. would have more deaths on its hands than in WWII alone. In North Korea, 200 people died at a nuclear test site. During WWII, in Hiroshima, there were 135,000 casualties, and in Nagasaki there was 64,000.


Nukes are devastating for the planet


Some people think that you blast off one nuke, then it’s just an explosion and that’s it. Sadly, that’s far from the truth. After a nuclear blast, the radiation and fallout does insurmountable harm to the atmosphere and the ecosystem. If several nuclear weapons went off, the blast would be the least of our worries.


Nukes violate peace treaties


The proliferation treaty was created to stop the spreading of nuclear weapons and to only use nuclear weapons in a peaceful way. So far 191 countries have signed into this treaty and one of those includes a nuclear weapon state. The treaty also creates safeguards under the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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