25 Reasons You Know You Grew Up In The 90’s

It happens to everybody. We all grow up and although we thought we would never be anything like the generations that came before us we end up copying them more than we know. How about those classic grandpa stories that kick off with the ubiquitous “back in my day”? You probably never thought that would be you (and you may still be in denial about it) but guess what? You’re getting old (sorry, you’re “maturing”). Kids these days live in a different world. They don’t fight over Pogs or wake up on Saturday morning to watch Thundercats. Nevertheless, there was a time…in the 90’s when maybe you did. Check out these 25 reasons you know you grew up in the 90s for some nostalgic fun.

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You thought dial up was super fast

You Still Remember About the Dial-Up Internet

Remember when it took 2 days to download 1 movie and then it turned out to be in Cantonese with no subtitles? If you do, guess what, you’re 90′s kid.


You know what these are

Saved Softcopy Files with 3.5-inch Floppy Disks

For those of you who never understood what the save icon in every software program ever is referring to…you definitely didn’t grow up in the 90′s


You spent hours rewinding one of these

Listening to Music Over and Over with a Cassette Tape

Remember trying to find that one part of that one song using a #2 pencil to rewind the tape? If you do, you’re a 90′s kid.


You understand the Dewey Decimal System

You Understand the Library's Dewey Decimal System

Forget the decimal system…if you don’t know the difference between a library and a computer lab, well, you definitely aren’t a 90′s kid.


You watched movies on one of these

You Watched Movies on VHS Tapes

With sub-par image quality, no menu options and no cool extra features, the VHS was simple…and from the 90′s.

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