25 Reasons You Should Brush Your Teeth

Besides complicating your social life, neglecting to brush your teeth can land you with more than just a couple cavities. It could actually stop your heart. We’re not joking. Gum disease has been linked to an increased prevalence of conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and bronchitis. But how? Because your mouth is full of bacteria. If you have poor dental hygiene, bacteria can make its way into your bloodstream and thus infect distant parts of your body. So, with that said, here are 25 really good Reasons You Should Brush Your Teeth.


Save Money


Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that if you don’t brush, you’ll probably lose your teeth, but by the time you get to the bottom of this list, you’ll see that brushing twice a day can potentially save you much more than a couple hundred bucks on a cheap pair of dentures. It can save you tens of thousands of dollars in health care over the course of your lifetime and potentially save your life as well.


Smell Good

bad breath

While we know it sounds obvious, we just wanted to be clear, your mouth smells bad because of bacteria, and chewing gum does not kill bacteria. At least not to any significant extent.




Caused by plaque build up on your teeth, Gingivitis often leads to swollen gums that bleed when you brush them. Ironically, there is only one way to prevent this…to brush them.


4 out of 5 Americans Have It


Your chances of preventing Gingivitis look fairly bleak. With 80% of Americans afflicted by some form of gum disease, it quickly becomes clear why dentistry is such a lucrative profession. But gingivitis is only the beginning; eventually, you’ll find yourself with something much worse.




You thought swollen, bloody gums were bad? Well, that gingivitis will eventually spread, and you’ll start losing the alveolar bone around your teeth, followed by the teeth themselves. Couldn’t get much worse than that could it? Oh, it certainly could! Periodontitis, doctors have found, is often a gateway to many other much more serious complications. Keep reading to see what we mean!

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