25 Reboots, Remakes, and Sequels that Should Never Have Been Touched

There is a saying that more people should live by, “Just because you can don’t mean you should.” Perhaps the makers of these 25 Reboots, Remakes, and sequels should have thought the same thing.

It seems these days, movie studios are less willing to take risks on original creative ideas. Instead, they would rather use the same stories, the same characters, and the same properties that we have seen dozens of times. Gone are the days of creative storytelling. Now, if an idea cannot be made into a seven part franchise, it is not worth the studios time.

There are times when sequels, reboots, and remakes work well and are received well. But these are not those times, and today we look at lesser films with 25 Reboots, Remakes, and Sequels That Never Should’ve Been Touched.

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Tron Legacy

tronAuthor Knowledge

When the sequel to Tron was announced, longtime fans of the original classic rejoiced. But those same people were ultimately disappointed by the movie itself.

The film often felt slow and the complicated story made it difficult for audiences to follow the plot. While an update to the style and overall look of the Tron world was welcome and made for impressive visuals and fun action scenes, it was not enough to curb the disappointment of fans of the first film.

Ultimately, Tron Legacy just could not live up to the legacy that Tron would leave behind.


Robocop (2014)


Despite having an all-star cast of actors and a sleek impressive visual style, this remake of the 80’s classic Robocop bombed at the box office.

Fans of the original film were attracted to its violent fast-paced action, satirical take on media, and an interesting take on mortality. Robocop (2014) does not achieve the same feats.

It removes the heart of the original movie to make more room for action. The largest factor to Robocop’s failure was that audiences did not ask for Robocop to be remade and did not want it to be.


Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

bAuthor Knowledge

The Blair Witch Project has become somewhat divisive in recent years. Some think it’s a great concept that is executed in a disturbing and frightening way. Others find the acting to be poor, the story hard to follow, and the camerawork distracting.

Needless to say, it’s gotten a mixed reception, and Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 certainly didn’t help its reputation. Book of Shadows is painful to watch if you’re a fan of the first and unbearable if you’re not.

It’s inconsistencies constantly confuses the audience, the plot and writing is laughably bad, and the acting makes the cast of the first film look like Oscar performances. What’s Book of Shadows’ biggest sin? Never, not once, do they explain what the Book of Shadows is.


Superman Returns


Superman Returns was a failed attempt to cash in on the nostalgia of the original Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve.

Reeve’s performance was the perfect portrayal of Superman and Clark Kent, which gave new star Brandon Routh big shoes to fill. While Routh’s performance was an admirable one it didn’t hold a candle to Christopher Reeve’s Superman.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Catcf-logoAuthor Knowledge

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory does do a decent enough job at updating some aspects of the story. The supporting cast is written more realistically and as always, Tim Burton’s design style makes the factory look like a magical and mysterious place.

Unfortunately, Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Willy Wonka lacks the subtlety of the role that Gene Wilder brought years before. But Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was and still is a classic.

Its imaginative design, memorable songs, and whimsical writing captured the hearts of children and adults alike. Remaking it did little to improve upon a movie that was already beloved by millions.

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