25 Richest Corporations On Earth

Have you ever wondered what the richest company on Earth is? You may be surprised by the companies you find on this list. Walmart, Apple, and the others are right where you would expect them to be, but there are some that will surely catch you off guard. These are the 25 richest corporations on Earth!


General Motors ($152 billion)

General MotorsSource: gm.com

From 1931 to 2007, this was the largest car manufacturer in the world.


Exor ($152 billion)

ExorSource: forbes.com

Incorporated in the Netherlands, this massive financial services company is run by Italy’s Agnelli family.


CVS Health ($153 billion)

CVS HealthSource: finance.yahoo.com

An American retail pharmacy and healthcare company. It changed its name from CVS Pharmacy to CVS Health in 2014 when it decided to remove tobacco products from its shelves.


UnitedHealth Group ($157 billion)

UnitedHealth GroupSource: bloomberg.com

A managed healthcare company based in Minnesota, UnitedHealth Group provides health insurance to more than 70 million Americans.


Daimler AG ($165 billion)

Daimler AGSource: businessinsider.com

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, this is the company behind Mercedes. Although it is primarily an automotive company, it also provides financial services.

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