25 Richest Presidents In US History

The richest presidents rarely got rich off of politics. While many ended up broke or struggling to get by after the presidency, others went on to become even wealthier than ever before. Of course, everyone knows the president is paid a stipend even after they leave the White House, but that still wouldn’t make them very rich. Before Richard Nixon, many presidents earned cash through marriage, investments, or owning land. Modern-day presidents make a pretty penny with speaking engagements and book deals. Curious to see who ranks at the top of the most wealthy? Here are the 25 Richest Presidents In US History.

Please note that net worth figures are in today’s dollars. 

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Gerald Ford - $7 Million

gerald fordSource: https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-politicians/republicans/gerald-ford-net-worth/, http://www.businessinsider.com/gerald-ford-changed-everything-by-making-money-off-his-presidency-2015-6

Gerald Ford made a life-long career in politics before reaching the highest office in the land. While his presidency was created out of Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, Ford used it to his advantage and figured out how to use the presidency to create a whole lot of money by getting paid at events and sitting on corporate boards. Within a year of leaving office, he had earned $1 million, bringing his total net worth to $7 million.


Dwight Eisenhower - $8 Million

dwight eisenhowerSource: http://247wallst.com/banking-finance/2010/05/17/the-net-worth-of-the-american-presidents-washington-to-obama/5/

Dwight Eisenhower never had any inherited wealth and was a life-long military man, helping America win World War II. It’s assumed his wealth came from the military and the large farm he owned near Gettysburg, Pennslyvania.


James K. Polk - $11 Million

james k polkSource: http://247wallst.com/banking-finance/2010/05/17/the-net-worth-of-the-american-presidents-washington-to-obama/2/

James K. Polk inherited some of his wealth from his wealthy father but also earned even more money from being the speaker of the house, governor of Tennessee, and owning 920 acres of land.


Barack Obama - $12 Million

barack obamaSource: http://www.newsweek.com/how-much-money-barack-michelle-obama-networth-trump-capitalism-pay-wall-street-591762

Barack Obama made significantly less money before and as President than afterward. Once he left the White House, his net worth skyrocketed with the high price tag book signings and speeches. In total, his current net worth is estimated to be $12 million.


Ronald Reagan - $15 Million

ronald reaganSource: https://onlinebusiness.american.edu/blog/presidents-net-worth/

As a longtime actor turned politician, Ronald Reagan built quite a large sum of money before entering the White House. He had around $11 million to his name at the time of his election and grew that to $15 million by the time of his death.

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