25 Richest Presidents In US History

The richest presidents rarely got rich off of politics. While many ended up broke or struggling to get by after the presidency, others went on to become even wealthier than ever before. Of course, everyone knows the president is paid a stipend even after they leave the White House, but that still wouldn’t make them very rich. Before Richard Nixon, many presidents earned cash through marriage, investments, or owning land. Modern-day presidents make a pretty penny with speaking engagements and book deals. Curious to see who ranks at the top of the most wealthy? Here are the 25 Richest Presidents In US History.

Please note that net worth figures are in today’s dollars. 

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Richard Nixon - $17 Million

nixonSource: http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/White%20Materials/Watergate/Watergate%20Items%2009122%20to%2009440/Watergate%2009390.pdf

Richard Nixon became monstrously more wealthy after becoming President than before, racking up $17 million by the time of his death. He accrued most of it through tax write-offs and real estate investments.


John Adams - $19 Million

john adamsSource: http://247wallst.com/banking-finance/2010/05/17/the-net-worth-of-the-american-presidents-washington-to-obama/2/

While John Adams was a lawyer, politician, and second President of the United States, most of his wealth came from a hefty inheritance, his wife being a member of a prestigious family, and his 40-acre farm known as Peacefield. He had a $19 million net worth.


John Quincy Adams - $23 Million

john quincy adamsSource: http://247wallst.com/banking-finance/2010/05/17/the-net-worth-of-the-american-presidents-washington-to-obama/2/

Son of John Adams, John Quincy Adams essentially inherited all of his father’s wealth and land while also benefiting from his wife’s wealthy heritage as well. His net worth was $23 million in total.


George H.W. Bush - $26 Million

george h w bushSource: https://onlinebusiness.american.edu/blog/presidents-net-worth/, https://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/politician/president/george-h-w-bush-net-worth/

Graduating from Yale University, George H.W. Bush became a millionaire at the age of 40 through the oil industry, but it was after the presidency that his wealth skyrocketed due to paid speeches. His net worth at the present time is $26 million.


James Monroe - $27 Million

james monroeSource: http://247wallst.com/banking-finance/2010/05/17/the-net-worth-of-the-american-presidents-washington-to-obama/2/

James Monroe married into wealth but also gained a significant sum during his time as president. Unfortunately, he retired in extreme debt and had to sell off his 3,500 acres. Still, he left with a net worth of $27 million.

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