25 Royally Cool Facts About Queen Elizabeth II You Might Not Know

Royalty is fascinating, particularly to some of us born in the US as we’ve never had a monarchy. While some of us may glean most of what we know about Princesses and Queens from Disney, the actual life of a Royal is quite different. Queen Elizabeth II was just 25 years old when she took the throne, which seems insanely young to anyone over 30! She is currently the longest reigning Monarch in the world. Want to hear more about her? Here are 25 Royally Cool Facts About Queen Elizabeth II You Might Not Know.


Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning Monarch of the United Kingdom. Her reign started in 1953 and continues to this day (as of the time of writing). She surpassed her Great Great Grandmother Queen Victoria on September 9th, 2015.

Queen_Victoria_by_BassanoSource: http://www.independent.co.uk

To date, Queen Elizabeth II has sent around 50,000 Christmas Cards. That's uh...wow. Most of us have a hard time putting a heartfelt wish into cards for our cousin we haven't seen in six years.

FirstchristmascardSource: https://www.natgeokids.com


Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth) met Prince Philip at a wedding when they were only children. They were married years later in November of 1947 at Westminister Abbey, the same place she would be coordinated in 1953.

Coronation_of_Queen_Elizabeth_II_Couronnement_de_la_Reine_Elizabeth_IISource: https://www.usatoday.com

Queen Elizabeth II loves Corgis and has owned over 30 during her reign. Can you blame her? They're adorable. The Queen's family got the first ever Royal Corgi, named Dookie, in 1933 for the family. The Queen got her very own Corgi, which she named Susan, for her 18th Birthday.

Pembroke_Welsh_Corgi_PuppySource: http://www.rd.com


She doesn't have a passport because all passports for citizens of the United Kingdom are issued in the Queen's name. Why would she need one?

Passport_of_GibraltarSource: http://www.history.com

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