25 Sad Facts About Animals That Might Make You Shed A Tear

You’ve probably seen a commercial or two of animals behind cages with a sad song playing in the background begging you to cry a long with them…and sure enough you do. After all, few things are sadder in this world than an innocent animal going through pain and suffering. What you are about to experience may not be as sad as these commercials (unless you’re really, really, really sensitive) because except for a few genuinely depressing facts…RIP Flipper…the sadness we are referring to with this list is more of the funny/cute kind. Nevertheless, if you’re not careful, these facts may induce some tears (so be sure to watch this video with some tissues around…you know, just in case). With that said, these are 25 sad facts about animals that might make you shed a tear.

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A group of seagulls is called a wreck

seagullsSource: redbubble.com, Image: wikipedia

Most young crocodiles won't become adults because the color of their skin makes them stand out to predators

crocodileSource: tumblr.com, Image: wikipedia


The dolphin that played Flipper committed suicide by refusing to breathe (dolphins are voluntary breathers).

dolphinSource: oddee.com, Image: wikipedia

Starving mice will eat themselves

mouseSource: animalcorner.co.uk, Image: wikipedia


Jellyfish evaporate in sunlight

jellyfishSource: omgfacts.com, Image: wikipedia

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