25 Sandwich Hacks For An Exquisite Eating Experience

Named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, a British statesman of the 18th century, the sandwich is an iconic food item, known and eaten all over the world. The range of ingredients that you can put in your sandwich is literally endless and there are many different ways of preparation and eating this popular snack. Yet, there are numerous sandwich hacks and tricks that you might have never heard of but they are totally worth learning since they can make your sandwich eating experience much better. To expend your knowledge of some of the coolest sandwich hacks, check out these 25 Sandwich Hacks for An Exquisite Eating Experience.


If there is one thing everybody hates about sandwiches, it is a soggy sandwich. To prevent your sandwich from getting soggy, place the cut tomatoes between two paper towels for a while before you put them in.


Talking about tomatoes – if you are in hurry, put cherry tomatoes between two horizontally placed cutting boards (or any two large flat objects) and slice through them all with one move.



If you happen to make too many sandwiches, just wrap them in plastic wraps and put them in the freezer. Then, you can take one any time you need and by lunch break, it will be thawed and ready to eat.


If you share the cooler with other people, there is always the risk of your delicious sandwich getting eaten by someone else. To avoid this unpleasant surprise, wrap your sandwich in this special wrap and nobody will ever touch it. Guaranteed.

anti theft lunch bagwww.collegehumor.com


To prevent bread from squeezing when cutting, you can turn it upside down and cut it on the soft side. Also, always remember to use a knife with a serrated blade.


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