25 Scary And Disturbing Crimes That Haven’t Been Solved

Our society is obsessed with being scared. It’s strange right? We don’t really like to be scared, because being chased by a real live axe murderer in the middle of the night is not very much fun. But we absolutely love to be “fake scared”. Why? Well, mostly for the adrenaline. That’s the one thing roller coasters, horror films, and BASE jumping all have in common. It’s fun to be scared. Actually, it’s addictive. In fact, you’ll probably notice that although you don’t really want to read this list, once you start you won’t be able to stop. And going a step further, some of you will google all of these crimes and lay there in your beds terrifying yourselves that the same axe murderer who killed Jane Doe 50 years ago is going to come crashing through your door. Normally we would say not to worry. Seriously, these things are rare. But…in this case we’re going to have to apologize for not being so reassuring. The reason for that is that these crimes haven’t been solved. In other words, the killers, murderers, and psychopaths in this list are still on the loose. Having said that, we’re terribly sorry for ruining your night. These are 25 scary and disturbing crimes that haven’t been solved.

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The Brabant Killers

The Brabant KillersSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Belgium’s most notorious unsolved crime spree, between 1982 and 1985 a series of violent attacks left 28 dead and 40 injured.


The Original Nightstalker

The Original NightstalkerSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

This serial killer was active in California between 1979 and 1986. He raped at least 50 women and murdered 10 people.


The Icebox Murders

The Icebox MurdersSource: wikipedia, Image: public-domain-image.com

After Charles Rogers murdered and dismembered his abusive father and mother, he disappeared and was never heard of again. The police found his parents in their freezer.


Ashley Freeman and Laura Bible Disappearance

Ashley Freeman and Laura Bible DisappearanceSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It was December 29, 1999 and Laura Bible was sleeping over at her friend Ashley Freeman’s house. That night Ashley’s parents were shot in the head and the home was set on fire. The girls were never found.


Zodiac Killer

Zodiac KillerSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This was a serial killer that operated in northern California during the 60s and 70s. His name came from several cryptic messages that he sent to the local press.

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