25 Scary DIY Halloween Decorations To Haunt Your Visitors

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to think about decorating your home with some of the most original scary decorations available. Now before you go Halloween crazy and buy an insane amount of expensive decorations, take a moment to check out our post. Some of the scariest and most impressive decor pieces do not take more than just some a pair of skillful hands, a little time and some basic supplies available at your local supermarket or craft store. In today’s post, were going to show you some very creative ways to use items such as black cardboard, frosted window films, ping pong balls and more. So save your money and at the same time create one of the most haunted, scary spectacles of home decor in your neighborhood. And don’t be fooled, while all of these cool decorations are easy to make, they are guaranteed to freak your neighbors and trick-or-treaters out. From horrifying mummy wreaths and black cat lanterns to floating witch hats and even pickled heads, these 25 Scary DIY Halloween Decorations To Haunt Your Visitors will not only be affordable, but effective.

Now that you have your house decor covered, lets work on your costume. Check out these 25 Most Terrifying Halloween Costumes.


Ghostly draperies

Ghostly draperiesSource and image: www.abktoday.com

Turn your porch into a frightening place with flying draperies made from tattered cheesecloth or old curtains. Tatter the drapes by cutting random holes in them.


Scary pillow

Scary pillowSource and image: wittyfeed.com

This is what you get when you insert a spooky Halloween mask under the cushion cover.


Black cat lanterns

Black cat lanternsSource and image: www.diycraftproject.com

Paint carved pumpkins black, add cat ears and eyes, put candles in them and your eerie black cat lanterns are ready to creep some trick-or-treaters out.


Creepy silhouettes

Creepy silhouettesSource and image: www.today.com

These spine-chilling silhouettes can be made from heavy black paper. By taping them on your windows, your house will turn into a horror movie scene.


Pallet lantern

Pallet lanternSource and image: www.hgtv.com

Spook up your porch with this creative lantern made from old wooden pallet. Drill in holes in the shape of a scary face and paint the pallet orange to resemble a giant pumpkin.

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