25 Scary Video Game Urban Legends

In the past, people spread scary video game urban legends by word of mouth. Today, however, the internet has increased this ten-fold. With just a few clicks, we can spread information all across the world, making the internet a virtual campfire for all kinds of spooky stories.

If you grew up in a time before the net, or at least in a time where we only had dial up, you may remember swapping stories of game exploits or secrets no one could prove existed. Some were pretty innocent. I still want to believe there’s a way to play as the Master Hand in the original “Super Smash Bros.” However, some legends had a dark undertone. The internet propelled, expanded, and created these myths like the world’s most terrifying game of telephone. It’s never smart to believe everything you read, but with this many myths, a few are bound to be true. So if you like gaming, and don’t want to sleep tonight, enjoy these 25 scary video game urban legends.

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Corrupt Sonic


One popular internet story featured a glitched copy of the original “Sonic the Hedgehog” game, where the titular character had blood pouring from his eyes. The story started to get a bit ridiculous when the writer claimed the fastest mammal in gaming was dragging people into his demonic domain. Independent developers eventually released a real game called “Sonic.exe” based on the story filled with unsettling levels and great jump scares.


Luigi is Dead

luigi mansionSource: http://www.cracked.com/article_19172_8-creepy-video-game-urban-legends-that-happen-to-be-true.html

Somehow gamers discovered that if you stand in a specific spot in the game “Luigi’s Mansion,” when lighting strikes, a shadow of the titular character appears floating in the air. This has been interpreted as a hint to the true story behind the classic game. Luigi, fed up with being overshadowed by his red capped brother, hung himself and is now in the Mario universes’ version of the afterlife.


Creepy Morrowind Mod


Like many of the spooky legends on this list, this begins with anonymous message board claims. A user claimed to experience strange in game happenings after modifying the code of “The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.” The mod turned out to be real. Anyone brave enough can experience the altered game, which causes most of the characters to appear dead while the rest stare blankly in to the sky. Even creepier than that, the player’s character is followed by tall shadowy figure called “Assassin.” Some players even report seeing this figure in real life after the game was shut off.


Halo Ghosts

Halo ghostsSource: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2016/08/the-weird-truth-about-halos-ghosts/

While playing “Halo 2,” “Halo 3,” and “Halo: Reach,” a number of gamers reported random players showing up midway through their online matches. The new players had no gammertag, couldn’t be killed, and seemed to teleport around the map. Whenever these “ghosts” scored a kill, it was credited to “The guardians.” Developers claim these figures were bugs caused by stress on the game engine, but offer few other details.


Fallout 3 Predictions

Fallout 3Source: https://www.thegamer.com/video-game-urban-legends-myths-too-creepy/

The open world game “Fallout 3” contains a number of radio stations players can listen to as they travel through the bombed out game locations. Supposedly, if you murder one of the radio DJs, his channel is taken over by a monotone voice that lists numbers, then switches to morse code. The cycle repeats at random until people with a lot of time on their hands started looking closer. The numbers turned out to be dates and the morse code were phrases to go with them. When translated, the station gave out the correct dates of the BP oil spill and Gary Coleman’s death months before they happened. It also predicted an Oscar for Brittany Spears in 2023, so look out for that.

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