25 Shocking Apple Secrets

Apple is a company that for some, is more like a fandom. And hey, that’s cool. We’re not judging anyone for freely spending their hard earned cash on whatever techy bits they want to. But like many large global companies, they have some practices that, if they were more widely known or talked about, could tarnish their carefully crafted image. Apple is in NO WAY any worse than any other random tech company you may choose when it comes to most of these things, but people choose to see them as somehow better than, you know, the other guys. Here are 25 Shocking Apple Secrets.

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It's pretty well documented that Apple has used slave labor to build their products. They can't really compromise on the components of their products, so, y'know, cut back on the labor. So what if a few people commit suicide after working around the clock in terrible conditions with impossible quotas. LOOK AT MY NEW iPHONE! As recently as 2016, China Labor Watch reported issues with factories that produce Apple products.

ChinaFactorySource: http://www.zdnet.com

Shockingly, a company that is willing to continue with companies that have had labor violations isn't as worried about it's carbon footprint as their marketing and fanbase would lead you to believe. For example, in 2014, Apple actually faced pollution charges in China. Apparently, they make messes, just...not in the US.

treeeeesSource: https://www.environmentalleader.com


Apple knows that AppleMaps was less than stellar when it came out and is arguably less than stellar now. They know. Oh...they know.

AppleMapsSource: https://www.thrillist.com/

Fun story: You could tell who was using Apple Maps and who was using an other service while evacuating from Hurricane Irma. The people not using Apple Maps were the ones getting off at exits and taking backroads at points to avoid traffic updates that Apple maps…didn’t get. Aw, so sad.


Apple is pretty darn serious about their top secret projects and prototypes. They supposedly have a "secret police" (read: Security Team) to protect their secrets from the public and employees without top secret clearance. There's a rumor that they've even impersonated San Francisco Police in order to "raid" a house where it was thought an employee had stashed prototypes. Neither we nor the internet can confirm or deny such a thing happened.

seekritSource: http://wizzed.com


You can buy refurbished stuff directly from Apple WITH THE SAME ONE YEAR WARRANTY AS BRAND NEW STUFF. So it's a heck of a lot cheaper. Like buying a certified used car. They're usually just open box items that returned before being used, not ones that were defective.

macbookrefurbSource: https://www.forbes.com/

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