25 Shocking Ghost Photos That Will Truly Creep You Out

To start with, this article has nothing to do with whether or not ghosts exist. We at List25 don’t have an official stance on such matters. Whether or not these ghost images are “real” or created in photoshop is up for the viewer to decide; we are just the messengers. And as it stands, there are a good number of people out there who believe in ghost sightings. So let’s put aside our differences, shall we? Here are 25 Shocking Ghost Photos That Will Truly Creep You Out.


The Brown Lady

The Brown LadySource: hoaxes.org

Taken in 1936 at Raynman Hall, England, this is one of the first paranormal photos ever taken. The ghost is said to be that of Lady Dorothy Walpole who was locked away in the house to die by her husband.


The Fallen Soldier

The Fallen SoldierSource: hoaxes.org

Taken during the American Civil War in the basement of a house under reconstruction, this image supposedly shows the ghost of a fallen Confederate soldier.


The Graveyard Ghost

The graveyard ghostSource: news.com.au

This picture was taken by a lady known only has Mrs. Andrews while she was visiting the grave of her child in Queensland, Australia, some time in the 1940’s.


Worstead Church

Worstead ChurchSource: express.co.uk

When Peter Berthelot visited Worstead Church in England, he snapped this photo of his wife praying. Seated behind her, however, was something else! According to legend, the Lady in White will pray with people in the church.


Face in the Window

Face in the WindowSource: facstaff.uwa.edu

Found etched into the window of Pickens County Courthouse in Alabama, the imprinted image is said to be the face of Henry Wells, a slave who was running from a lynch mob when he took refuge in the courthouse. Although he was killed, legend says that his ghost still haunts the building.

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