25 Shocking Racial Stereotypes Seen In Everyday Life

Racial stereotypes are a damaging and dangerous part of society. By lumping an entire people into false generalizations, categories, and definitions; it demeans their identity and strips away their humanity. Once that happens, it’s all too easy to stop seeing the person for who they really are and only see the stereotype. In many cases, stereotypes aren’t just a matter of happenstance but used as a weapon against a race to reduce their social, political, or cultural standing. In today’s modern culture, some stereotypes have also been thinly veiled, making them difficult to recognize. We all have a responsibility to weed out the destructive stereotypes and celebrate individuality and culture. The first step is to stay well-informed. Here are 25 Shocking Racial Stereotypes Seen In Everyday Life.


Smart Asian

asianSource: http://www.dailycal.org

Too often popular culture pushes the idea that all Asians are super smart and good at math. This stereotype is commonly found in television and film. It’s also part of a “model minority” stereotype which lumps an entire race under one positive definition. However positive, stereotypes hurt people forcing them to uphold a standard that isn’t fair or true.


Angry Latina

jennifer lopezSource: http://www.latina.com

The “Angry Latina” stereotype unfairly assumes all latin women are fiery, angry, or overly opinionated.


Magical Negro

legend of bagger vanceSource: http://www.salon.com

The “Magical Negro” is a film and television stereotype that refuses to die and more frequently popped up in the 90’s with movies like The Matrix, The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Green Mile, and What Dreams May Come. This stereotype always has a saintly African-American character guiding the white hero over his obstacles and to his intended goal.



firewaterSource: https://www.theverge.com

The “Firewater” myth and stereotype incorrectly states that all Native Americans are genetically prone to alcoholism. However, there is no evidence to back this up. Like most stereotypes, it’s used as a way to victim-blame and push racial inferiority.


Uncle Tom

uncle toms cabinSource: https://ferris.edu/jimcrow/tom/

Coming originally from the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, the Tom character portrays black men as faithful, submissive servants who will never rebel and are happy and giddy all the time. This stereotype was especially propagated in early Hollywood films.

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