25 Shocking Rumors That Are Actually True

Whether it was a celebrity, a government, or a company, we can all remember at least one shocking rumor that just so happened to be true. Of course, sometimes we expect it, but when we don’t, it can be quite a surprise. These were 25 Shocking Rumors That Are Actually True.

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The government was spying on John Lennon.

John LennonSource: nytimes.com

Although Lennon sounded really paranoid and stuck up at first, it eventually came to surface that the government was in fact spying on him.


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West to name their daughter North

kanye west girll glassesSource: radaronline.com

Once denied during a talk show interview, most people had little trouble believing it when the couple named their daughter North West.


South Korea was ruled by a cult leader.

Park Geun-hyeSource: bbc

South Koreans are no longer surprised by political drama. Between corruption, dictators, strange rituals, you name it…South Korea’s leaders have been a constant procession of failures and disappointments. But president Park Geun-hye’s downfall has been especially intense. As it turns out, the rumors that she was the puppet of a shady Rasputin-type cult leader’s daughter actually turned out to be true. Nothing is surprising anymore.


Atari buried unsold video games in the desert.

New MexicoSource: cnn.com

Over the years, the Atari video game burial had becoming something of an urban legend – Atari went out into the New Mexico desert and buried all its unsold E.T. video games (one of the biggest flops in the history of gaming). Well, in 2014, the government of New Mexico went out into the desert to figure out the truth…and they found the video games.


Caitlyn Jenner being transgender

caitlyn jennerSource: hypefeeds.com; Associated Press

Rumors of wearing women’s clothing and secretly wanting to become a woman became not-so-secret and turned out to be true. In September 2015, Bruce officially became Caitlyn after boldly stepping out with a public statement earlier that year.

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